Large and smaller machinery centers and components

Components to machining centers

For producers of large technology units we provide these components:


ATC – automatický výměník nástrojů

ATC – automatic tool changer 

Automatic tool changer system speed the production. Horizontal and vertical use. Disk and chain type for all types of CNC machinery and horizontal boring machines.







Telescopic covers

Telescopic covers from resistant materials. Provides a protection for linear ways and box ways. Preventing them from demage by chips, dust or cutting fluids. Intended for CNS machines, grinders, cutters, horizontal machining centers etc..


stroje_04Cooling systems

High quality water and oil cooling technology ensures a constant temperature during operation of machinery and equipment.



Chip conveyor systems

Belt chip conveyors transport dirt, metal chips and liquids rise from machining process.



Milling heads

Multi-purpose accessories to machine-tools. Manual, automatical and 90o.




Flexible tubes to machine-tools. Tubes made from resistant material, suitable for air or for water/oil suply. Easily adjustable length, highly pliable, holds its shape well and will not spring back. Material is strongly resistant to oils and chemicals. 

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